Business cases

Efficient search solutions

Every week, we unnecessarily spend a large amount of time searching for information in different systems. With functionalities like full-text search, the HIBU platform provides the basis for efficient search solutions. Advanced search features such as search filters, synonym searches or multilingual searches simplify and accelerate the process of finding relevant information.

Data-based automation

Today, buzzwords like “digitization” and “automation” are omnipresent. Can business workflows be automated based on the content of incoming document content? The information extraction functionalities of HIBU provide the ability to define triggers and to initiate actions.

Email triage

The use of emails accelerates communication processes but it also creates new challenges in other areas. Messages addressed to generic mailboxes are convenient for customers and prospects but have to be processed manually. Using the HIBU platform, emails can be forwarded or stored based on their content.

Recommender System

Recommendations are widely used in web shops, news or advisory portals. The system offers proposals for alternative products or articles that likely go with the individual interests of the visitor. This functionality enhances user experience, increases visiting times and leads to a higher customer retention. Web shops benefit from higher turnovers, media portals may use existing content repeatedly. 

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