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HIBU is a flexible platform for the cost-effective development of customer solutions, especially in the areas of enterprise search, business intelligence and workflow automation.

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The HIBU platform by Karakun combines established and innovative technologies in the areas of enterprise search, language analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). We have developed and validated central functions in cooperation with recognized research institutions.

HIBU already contains many pre-packaged functions  and thus supports a wide range of business cases. We support you with comprehensive services to help you implementing your solutions.

HIBU customers are active, for instance, in the life sciences, legal, financial services and logistics sectors.

The use of the HIBU platform ensures rapid implementation of applications at budgetable costs. Advantages are:

Profitability / efficiency

  • The platform already provides appropriate functions for many frequently recurring requirements
  • The functionality of the HIBU platform is constantly being extended
  • Open-source components are used wherever possible and reasonable
  • Easy installation and update processes


  • Easy tuning for any domains, channels, use cases and infrastructures
  • Lightweight interfaces that can be expanded upon request
  • Various configuration options with defaults that have been tried and tested in practice

Artificial Intelligence for SMEs

  • Widely applicable classifiers and information extractors are already included
  • Rule-based, statistical and neural AI tools are available for the implementation of customer requirements
  • We apply the latest deep learning approaches, significantly reducing the amount of training data required, and thus ultimately making them attractive for SMEs too

Rapid single-source implementation

  • We provide a large team of experienced software engineers and computational linguists to support you in the implementation of your project
  • Our consultants have broad knowledge regarding the latest approaches in the fields of artificial intelligence, language processing and big data
  • Upon request, our UX experts will optimize your application maximum usability

With the HIBU platform, we address a vast range of content-driven use cases. Most frequently requested by our customers are the following three example use cases: Intelligent Search Solutions, Content Analytics and Workflow Automation.

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Covalo - Find and compare chemical ingredients, services & formulations
Swisslex - Schweizerische Juristische Datenbank AG

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