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Automation Software Technology Process System Business concept

Automated document processing meeting the highest demands

Electronic documents such as orders, delivery slips or invoices are the predominant format for exchanging data in B2B. However, these documents are not ideal for machine processing, making automation significantly more difficult. Nevertheless, aiming for automation here offers enormous cost savings thanks to faster, more efficient and less error-prone processes. Together with our customer CVS engineering GmbH, we engineered a custom software solution based on our AI platform HIBU to fully automate two of their workflows (invoice and order processing).

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Medical research viewed in new light

For every clinical trial, researchers have to make decisions about methodologies. Suitable methodological guidelines are available in popular medical databases such as MEDLINE, but they are hard to find even for experienced researchers. As a consequence, researchers unnecessarily waste time on inefficient searches for methodological guidelines and, moreover, they only find a fraction of relevant publications. Karakun is supporting a research group at the Institute for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Basel (Switzerland) that addresses this problem. To this end, the group created the “Library of Guidance for Health Scientists” (LIGHTS).

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Bibliothek mit Computern supplier view Clariant AG

How to market chemical products more efficiently

It is becoming increasingly important (and at the same time more difficult) for chemical companies to market their products online. Existing offers lead to high running costs and possible lock-in effects for manufacturers. And buyers often access outdated information from an incomplete supplier base. Against this background, the Swiss chemicals group Clariant AG launched a project within its digital innovation team in 2017 to design, create and operate an innovative marketing platform. The aim of this online offer, known as Chemberry (as of March 1st, 2021: Covalo), is to make it easy to find the chemical ingredients required for the production of consumer goods and to put manufacturers of consumer goods in touch with suitable ingredient suppliers.

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Fully encrypted intelligent search for digital safes

Everyone is familiar with Google as a search engine for unencrypted data. Start your browser, enter your search term – and here you go: relevant results are displayed immediately. Similar products with a wide range of functions are of course also available for other application areas – such as file storage systems. But does the search for specific documents and the information stored in them also work in highly secure, multiple-encrypted environments?

Digital safes by DSwiss AG offer maximum security plus a semantic full-text search developed with HIBU.

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