The HIBU platform provides the basis for a wide range of tailor-made custom solutions. If needed, we will support you in implementing your custom solution with our comprehensive engineering and consulting services. However, it is of course possible to develop your HIBU-based solution with your own engineering team.

We consider ourselves a one-stop-shop offering comprehensive consulting and development services. Our approach focuses on your project objectives.

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Solutions development / engineering

A large team of experienced software and UX experts, computational linguists, project managers and consultants can support you in the implementation of your solution. Efficient engineering and the development of applications with intuitive operability is the lifeblood of Karakun’s experts. We help you integrating the solution into your IT environment and ensure a smooth interaction with your infrastructure. 

Solutions development / engineering services


Our consultants have a broad background regarding the latest approaches in the fields of artificial intelligence, language processing and enterprise search. All our consultants have many years of experience in state-of-the-art software architectures and technologies as well as in the development of scalable and sustainable applications.

Consulting services

Maintenance and support

As soon as your application has gone live, we will we can support you in maintaining the software and keeping it up to date. We are also able to take care of technical support.

Maintenance and support services

Data wrangling

Existing raw data are often available in inconsistent formats and units of measurement. Sometimes, such data are distributed across several systems and must therefore be merged for further processing and converted into a uniform target format. Data errors must be corrected. With our extensive experience and the HIBU platform, we can automate appropriate data preparation and quality assurance.

Data wrangling

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